About Us

Jakarta Web Solutions is a trading name of PT. AKU PASTI BISA which is an IT company established back in 2013.

Aiming to provide only the best solution to our clients, we started from a very small team and over the years, we tried to recruit the people with the appropriate talents, attitudes, and mind sets towards problem - with hope that we will grow with a strong foundation.

Although we have a big target for the company in long term, at the moment we are focusing on Web Development.

Information Technology is indeed giving a limitless boundary to grow. For those who enjoy learning, it is a fascinating playground.

At our company, we try to keep up with the information and technology that available on the market - however the efficiency, needs and best practice will still be our main interest and consideration.

Since the beginning of the company establishment, we have gained clients from Indonesia, Australia, and America which industries covered photography, logistics, delivery, and insurance.

We provide services from gathering the information, analyzing the needs, building the system, and making sure the quality delivered as expected.